How To Approve Maxbounty Account – Cpa Network 2019

I know You Are Rejected Twice & Now You want to know how to approve maxbounty account.

No Worry! After Reading this Article Your Account will Be Approved in 24 hours. 
Here is Short Trick:

Get Knowledge → Be Real→ Be confident→ Go ahead Talk → Get Your Account

I have Successfully created 10 Maxbounty accounts in 2 years so I decided to share all the important tips that gonna help for  CPA network approval.

Maxbounty nominated as the best CPA network 2019 & maintaining its position as no 1 number from the many years, there are a lot of reason Which we will discuss in our next article, However, our topic is how to approve it which we gonna discuss below. 

No matter you are new or pro affiliate marketer you would be rejected if you did any mistake while submitting Application.

Just Keep in mind there is no sure shot or full proof maxbounty approval method But with good knowledge about CPA you will be eligible to get approved.

fortunately, they are newbie friendly Network their requirement is not as tough as you thought.

Lets Start :


Maxbounty Account Approval Method  :

The requirement you need to follow & things You must have:

  • Unique Phone Number 
  • Skype id 
  • Email Address
  • A website or Landing Page 
  • Basic Information About Cpa Affiliate Marketing

How To Apply Maxbounty Account (Signup Process):

Step 1 → Basic Information :

Use Real Name & Choose Passwords 

Step 2 → Security
Choose Security Question for account safety it will help to recover your account.

Step 3 → Contact
Add Your Email, Phone Number & Skype 
maxbounty affiliate signup

Step 4 → Address

Fill your Real Address, Including Zip Code

Step 5 → Experience

  • Choose: I have Little Experience or Beginner according to your knowledge 

  • Only write the words later you prove on call
  • No incentive 

  • Provide the offer name from your primary vertical

  • Add Your Landing Page or website 

Step 6 → Terms 

Tick All to Agree their terms

Step 7 →Verify Application

Check  Inbox & Verify Maxbounty Application 

Maxbounty Interview question :

Word “Interview” Shake confidence of Many Peoples as it’s my personal experience I was hesitating to apply maxbounty account just for the reason how I will face the manager, what if I got failed. Eventually, I faced my fear.

Human Always Fear from Unseen things Means uncertainty & Doubt Scare you. But when you know how to tackle the situation you got ready to Crack it.

So I will Share My experience &  those questions to remove your doubt about Phone Call interview.

The Following Questions Maxbounty Manager Dan Jhon Ask from me.

Networks You Worked  With ( Experience):

Newbie or experienced? always say true. Their managers are trained to observe the applicant as it’s their routine work they easily detect that you are lying or saying the truth. 

So if you have Worked with any other CPA network Like, bizprofits or peerfly tell them 

Or if you are beginners

They Welcome newbies with great knowledge without asking any reference from other CPA networks

What are Your Top GEO’s 

GEO Means Location or Country where your comes from as most of affiliate target specific region or country to promote their offers.

In CPA terms, geo or Countries are divided into different tiers

  • Tier 1 -Uk, USA, Canada Australia Austria. Belgium. Canada. Colombia. Croatia. Czech Republic. Denmark

  • Tier 2– Albania Angola Antigua & Barbuda Argentina Armenia Aruba Azerbaijan Bahamas Bahrain Bangladesh Barbados Belarus 

  • Tier 3 -Algeria, Central African, Rep Cuba Equatorial, Guinea, Eritrea, Iran, Korea, North Kuwait, Libya, Madagascar, Papua, New Guinea.

So Tell him Confidently! I will Target Tier 1 Countries. 

What is Your Traffic Source :

Without Traffic, the marketer has no value on the internet so you must have complete knowledge about how to drive a targeted customer to your landing page or sale page.

There are two ways to generate traffic :

Free Traffic :

  • SEO: Search Engine Optimization  
  • Social media: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest

Media Buying:

Paid advertisements to run CPA offer or campaigns to get traffic is Called media Buying.

There are Following Types of Media Buying

  • PPC – (Pay Per Click) Google Ads, Bing Ads, 
  • Ppv- (Pay Per Visit) Zero park, Bidvertiser
  • Native ads :(page Inherited ads) Taboola, Revcontent

Affiliate Marketer Who has Investment preferred these ways it’s not easy because it requires complete testing and experiment by spending money.

Which vertical You Promotes:

Every Affiliate has expertise in some specific vertical or categories. 

So tell them! my primary vertical is (health) Nutra Offers it could be any vertical eg, Dating, Bizz opp etc.

Approve Maxbounty Account Without Phone Interview 

Its Unique Trick am gonna share with you guys!

What happened when I applied to get an approved maxbounty account?

Manager Called Me but I was busy somewhere and I missed the call
Now I call back to the manager but that number was helpline I couldn’t connect to my manager & then I sent  voice message about my experience 

Unfortunately after 2 or 3 times, I mailed him so he said to send detail about yourself in email 
I wrote an email about how I will promote the offer. what are my traffic sources & primary vertical?

Happily, after this email, I got Approval mail!

So Don’t Worry when you missed a call for an interview you can contact them by email also

Important Tips For Maxbounty Approval

  • Don’t Apply With the same Phone Number
  • Don’t use Same Email Address
  • Don’t Lie About Your Experience
  • Website You mentioned is not Worthy
  • you Applied From the Same IP again on which you last time got rejected 
  • You Don’t Pick a Call for Interview
  • You were hesitating answering manager questions on the phone

 Read Faq on maxbounty Blog

Conclusion: Every affiliate marketer should join it, because it has high paying offers & pay weekly payments & make their publisher happy.

I have shared the proven method of how to approve maxbounty account in 2019.

Always keep in mind there is no Full proof trick for the approval if someone selling you account avoid to buy maxbounty without confirmation.