Brave Browser Review – How It is Secure & Faster Than Chrome

Looking For Brave Browser Review, Why people are praising this browser? How it is Secure & Faster than Chrome.

Do You have extra time to wait for buffering or downloading?


No! everyone wants to save their time.

Braves browser introducing a solution to Billions of an internet user by providing safe & faster browsing Experience, which other Popular web browsers Chrome, Opera, Mozilla, safari Vivaldi, unable to provide their users.

I will share my personal review of brave browser.

Why I choose it over chrome? Let’s Find Out

What is brave Browser:

brave Review

Brave is a Free Web Browser based on chromium, The open source project Maintained and handled by Google & some other individuals.

Actually, Chromium project helps the developers to make the light & Fast Browsers, Brave is also developed on the same code which later modified & launched in January 2016 with own brand name.
it’s Available for all kind of devices:

  • ios
  • Android
  • Linux
  • Windows

download brave

Who are Behind this Project:

Mozilla Firefox creator Brendan Eich who Invented java-script language having a ton of experience in technology, is a co-founder of this Browser & its company headquarters located in USA California.


Mainly its a project of Basic attention token (BAT) A Digital Currency Base on Etheruem Block-chain introduced the Decentralized Revenue Sharing platform Like Google Adsense.

Brave Browser Review & Features

What user saying? is more important when you really gonna give a try something new. Overwhelming response toward this browser indicating its success.

Adblocking Feature Review

Brave Tracker BlockerThousand of People daily searching on the internet about “Best adblocker extension or best adblocking browsers.

Do you Know Why?

The answer is simple nobody wants to surf the ads.

But Unfortunately, all online business and other marketing companies depend upon these ads, Youtube, Facebook and google primary source of income is an advertisement.

Because they sell ads while Brave has built-in adblocker, & save Your a lot of Internet Data, & time too.

Pop Up Blocker: Malicious Software Blocker:

its Adblocking feature helps the user to save from malicious software & Pop Ads.

No! Pop-up ads are the most irritating ads on the internet before this invention we were bound to watch these ads but the internet community should thank the creators, who solved the issue.

No! Malware also the biggest issue that spammer hacker vigorously send a virus in form of software app or extension and push you to install it on your devices but the team behind, working hard to block all these spams from the internet.

Fastest Browser :

Speed matters the most when you are browsing or surfing the websites there are many browsers eg, chrome & Mozilla are top among them.

Which driven Installs on speed slogans.

But due to massive ads, & tracker they can’t be the fastest as brave because they are user-friendly

Secure & Private: Is Brave Browser safe?

Yes, It is Safe! Google & Facebook collect your browser behavior, History & interest to the sell the ads to an advertiser, stealing our right to private browsing.

But Company promised they will never ever Collect their user personal information or behavior which is the key pitch to market.

According to the Survey! Due to its Strong Privacy policy, 3 Million people attract to download Brave Browser & actively using it.

Their target for the year-end is to mark 5 million downloads Following an Extraordinary growth.

Onion TOR (Brave Safe Browsing)

As you know about TOR browser which provides the ability to the user to surf anonymously and maintain their Online Privacy, it also includes “TOR” features in Private Mode or Incognito Window.

When We Open chrome Private Mode, where clearly mentioned they do not collect your cookies & caches or filled form, even it does not provide 100% anonymity, While Brave TOR Window masks your IP address like TOR browser and gives you complete anonymity.

Default Search Engine: Duck Duck Go

Duck Duck is Privacy-Oriented search engine which do no track your search history or any of your private Data. you can use this search engine with a brave private window to enhance the security.

In Short Brendan Eich’s Hunt down both of two Google Chrome & TOR in One Shot.

Brave Mobile Review :Ranked As Top 3

Brave browser Playstore reviews

Android is the Google product So they have set the Chrome as a Default browser for the Android Devices. 

But Brave android app  Managed to Ranked as top 3 downloaded browsers on play store in 2019  By getting 10Million Active Installs.

It Attracts user attention because for its clean fast secure & adblocking Features.

  • Save Battery Timing & Internet Data
  • Automatically Block the Pop Ups On Mobiles 
  • No Ads Built Adblocker
  • Fully Private Browser 

Review of Brave ios Version: Am Apple User I was impressed with the safari which is the Default Browser of ios

But recently I installed the brave application has a wonderful experience as the developers understand the need of users.

it works 10x faster on mobiles. Blocking ads & tracker always saves me a lot of time. Personally Saying” you will Not Feel Regret quitting Chrome or Safari.


Some Websites does not allow the user to surf their website by disabling tracker, for example, Facebook, Google & many other websites not worked properly when we try to block their trackers. That is why user face different appearance while surfing the web on other browsers.

For Example: When I Open a Web “” I got the Notification that

“you are using Adblocker some of the website scripts unable to load”

Then I feel bad!

But later I discover that we can Turn off ad blocking feature by just doing one click.

Pros: Privacy Protection & Speed 

Brave Exponential Growth over the 1 year is a proof, that user interest has been increasing in Brave,
The only reason is its qualities.

  • 3x Faster
  • ad-blocker
  • Tracker Blocking
  • Time-saving
  • Https Secured
  • Earn Money By ad Surfing
  • You can add persons as chrome profiles
  • Beautiful Theme Template

Add Brave Extension From Chrome Webstore

as I installed this Browser I feel the need for Extension as chrome has the advantage of web-store.

But Fortunately, I found the same extension can be installed in brave no difference.

Can We Use The Chrome Themes?

Yes! You can use google chrome theme because it based on chromium which supports Chrome webstore where you can download  & Install Multi-design themes.

By default, it has already an elegant theme on the startup you don’t need to add by yourself.

Brave Browser Save Your Money :

Google launched its ad-free extension Google Contributor to browse the internet without seeing ads, the user has to pay a monthly fee that Google will contribute to the content creator to cover their loss. But! Brave providing same features free.

Youtube Premium Free
Youtube premium charging 12$ per month for its ads free video portal which gives the ability to the user to Explore youtube content without seeing any ads. but now you don’t need to pay any money to avoid ads Brave is doing all this free of cost. All you have to just install this on device & that’s it. 

Earn Bat Token Using Brave Browser:

Cryptocurrency BAT is Integrated with Brave Browser where they give you reward to see the ads & provide user Decentralized Affiliate Platform where the user will get paid for referring the user to download their browser.

What is BAT Token :

Basic Attention Token

Your question is valuable! This is Digital Currency we can call it internet money, Introducing the Online Payment Solution.


They Come’s up with an unusual business model Where the user can get paid to view ads according to their interest we can call its another way of monetization.

Brave software is playing a vital role in promoting this new idea.

According To My analysis, this Program is Disrupting Current Digital Ads System as Google Facebook are in danger. 


BAT not only introduced the payment solution but brings a decentralized revenue sharing program where they are gonna be a game changer, as it will give the tough fight to the tech giant Google RVS Platform Adsense.


  • You can send and receive Bat Token to another brave user,
  • you can tip token to the Favorite content creator

[Updated]: Brave ads are Live now user can view push notification type ads & get paid up to 0.20cent for 5 ads views. this payment will be in the form Bat Token later which you can withdraw from any crypto exchange.

Now its Make easier for the normal internet user to make money by just watching a few ads according to their interest.

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To Get Started with Brave ads you have activated it from the setting page. then afterward ads notification will appear on the desktop screen.

Final Words :
Overall this Browser will boom sooner or later due to its unique idea & Advance adblocking Features.

you should try it once its definitely a better option than chrome.

Thanks for Reading Brave Browser Review.

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